Everything from one source

lichtecht offers a complete and modular range of services for the development and production of lights and decorative accessories.



The creation process starts with an idea for a product, which is in the first place visualized with a sketch or a drawing.


Construction plans

Starting from a sketch or a drawing, we make 3D renderings and construction plans serving for the manufacturing of prototypes and later for the production. Construction plans are also the basis for material and part lists for all elements of the product.


Prototypes & samples

For the best possible evaluation of a design we manufacture prototypes. Proportions, technical construction, materials and overall aspect can the best be considered with a sample in real size.
Furthermore, a firm offer can be established on basis of these prototypes.



As soon as a prototype or a pre-serial sample of the product is approved, we go ahead with the manufacturing. All products are made by hand, as a unique piece or in small series.