Pure, honest and sustainable design distinguishes the modern lights that lichtecht realizes for its customers.

From the simple sketch to the technical construction plan, to prototypes and samples, and further to production in small series, lichtecht handles the entire realization process.

Gordian Meier

I rely on 30 years of experience in the
development, manufacture and sale of
contemporary lighting for furniture stores
and large distributors in Switzerland and

lichtecht kft

lichtecht kft is a small artisanal enterprise with some 20 employees and specialised in the manufacturing of modern lighting.

Prototypes, samples, custom products and small series are made by hand.

The manufactory makes most of the metal parts inhouse and benefits from a good network of reliable and proven suppliers for wood, glass and other materials.

Together with a local partner, Gordian Meier is owner of lichtecht kft. The company is located in Szombathely in Hungary, about 140 km from Vienna.